Welcome to our Projector web folio! If you read through this folio we will explain in some detail how projectors work. Engineering or technical expertise is not required, yet some basic understanding of computers is assumed. There are so many kinds of projectors that it would be impossible to give a detailed explanation of every one of them, so we explain the two major types, LCD and DLP.

There are many uses for projectors, from home entertainment to creating a multimedia presentation for large groups of people. Your objectives with regard to a projector can make a big difference in what features you should consider when you are searching for a projector.

There are a few technical terms with which you will want to become familiar in order to properly understand projector technology. Of all the pages on this website, this one may be the most important. Getting a grip on the standard terms that are used in the manufacture, selling, and use of projectors could be handy knowledge, indeed.

By the time you have perused this website, you should have enough knowledge about projectors to be able to make intelligent decisions about their purchase, set-up, and operation. You can pick and choose the information you wish to read, by using the nav-bar at the top of this page, or you may simply read through it, in the manner which it was intended, by using the "next page" links at the bottom of each page.

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Interesting Fact:

Believe it or not: Projectors were first conceived in the 1400s when Johannes de Fontana first set the notion to paper.

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